The Psycho Smileys...

Beginning as a mere test project, our creator was learning the ropes of creating NFTs, smart contracts, and deploying them to the blockchain. He was learning these things, as he has been collaborating with his brother, who is a tattoo artist with ~10 years of experience, on many new & creative ways to innovate the NFT space. We were not made by creator's brother, for that will be a future collection. After some messing around we ended up looking pretty cool though, so creator set us to be released to you all.

A collection made for fun, to support the expanding Polygon Network, at a mint price of just 0.5 Matic! The creator and his brother have ideas on innovating the way NFTs could be implemented in the tattoo industry, and hope to one day achieve them.. Will there be more to come from these psychos? Only the future will tell.

Psycho Smileys NFT

A collection of 5,000 uniquely generated Psycho Smileys
ERC721 tokens deployed to the Polygon (Matic) Mainnet

1 PsSm = 0.5 Matic
max: 10 Psycho Smileys

contract address: 0x1A42A1537FD40a9Cc97eEd3F80E534490dc2114C

Shout-Out to HashLips!

This project was made with help from his tutorials, so I guess without him we technically wouldn't exist!
-Thanks Hashlips!-